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3D Yellow Degreaser, 700ml (RTU)

3D Orange Degreaser, 24 oz. (RTU)

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Yellow Degreaser is a strong degreaser for tires, grease marks and brake dust.  If you are getting the gallon, you might want an empty 32oz bottle and a  sprayer.  A hand brush also makes the job easier. 

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You can use a soft flog brush made for the spokes for your rims without scratching the metal, without scratching the paint a stiff brush be able to scrub down the tires rubber and the wheel wells and a towel that you don't mind getting dirty


There is gonna be a lot of black a lot of brake dust of gum tar and those type things and road grime that goes up and collects on on your tires and on your car it's very simple just take and spray on the surface you desire to be cleaned


it's diluted at 4:1 let it sit for a second start with your stiff brush doing outside the most dirty part first



take your soft block brush now wipe it down and your DONE!

3D Yellow Degreaser™ is a highly concentrated NON-ACIDIC CLEANER that is designed to work exceptionally well on wheels, tires & wheel wells. Powerful cleaning agents quickly dissolves and breaks down heavy metallic particulate that bonds to your vehicle’s wheels every time it drives down the road. These brake dust particles can reap havoc on your wheel’s delicate coating if not regularly cleaned. Yellow Degreaser's unique non-acid formula is perfectly safe for all wheels types including coated, chrome, painted, wire, plastic and stainless steel. Even delicate non-coated alloy wheels which are prone to blushing and staining will not be harmed when cleaned as directed.

Not only does Yellow Degreaser work great on wheels, but also tires too. Especially white walls & raised white lettering. Simply spray it on and immediately watch as the embedded dirt comes pouring out of your tire. Perfect for Car Washes looking for a non-acidic product that can eliminate hard scrubbing to reduce this labor intensive process. No other cleaner works quite like this without excessive effort. Yellow Degreaser offers super strength cleaning power, especially when you’re trying to remove silicone soiling that tires are often coated with. More powerful cleaning agents equate to less scrubbing and more profits for your detail business. No other non-acidic cleaner works as quickly or cost effectively.

With Yellow Degreaser, there is no need for multiple cleaners to clean your wheels, tires & wheel wells. This cleaner can single handedly take care of all these heavy cleaning projects with ease and safety. Not only does this cleaner out perform any other non-acidic cleaner on the market, it also contains NO harmful chemicals such as glycol ether EB, yet it is more powerful than most commercial degreasers that contain this toxic chemical. Whether you’re a car wash or detail shop business owner you can rest assured knowing that Yellow Degreaser will not harm your client’s vehicles or your employee’s heath. In addition, Yellow Degreaser is 100% biodegradable and earth friendly.

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