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Tenzi Monotruck

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Tenzi Monotruck


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Highly concentrated, alkaline product, designed for cleaning strongly polluted car bodies, broadsides, tires, chassis and tarpaulins with touchless or brushing method.
Recommended as a universal product for washing all kinds of vehicles.
Can be used in mechanical and touchless car washes.

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39,99 € mokesč. įskaičiuoti


- passenger, off-road, delivery and heavy-goods cars, buses, quads
- tires, car bodies, tarpaulins
- tunnel and portal car washes


Read product’s safety data sheet before using.

Use a water solution according to contamination level of the surface:
- Spraying: winter season 1:30, summer season 1:50
- Engine cleaning: 1:20
- Foam lance – winter season 1:4, summer season 1:5
- Car washes: 0.5% (50 ml / 10 l of water)

Wash down the product with highly pressured water (120-150 bar).

Warning: Do not let the working solution dry off on a car body.

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